Friday, 28 March 2008

Help Required Please

Does anyone have a good method for sealing the ends of ribbon after you have cut it to stop it fraying? Seems the bane of my life - I am always trimming and trimming!


Lesley said...

I tend to tuck the ends behind or under something Gia as I haven't found a good way of sealing them! xxx


Handcrafted With Love said...

Hmmmmm - I usually seal the ends by lighter Gia but Be Careful!!!

Love Pam xx

Linda Elbourne said...

I do a Lesley and hide them .... the thought of me with ribbon and a lighter ..... not pretty :0))

Linda SBS13

Angie C said...

Gia, you could try a little bit of glue on the ends

Tracy K said...

Julie Hickey from Craftwork Cards gave me a tip which was to put the double sided tape on your card first so it is hanging over each edge. Once you have put the ribbon on snip each end and it stops it fraying. Hope this makes sense. If not mail me and I will try to explain better.

nessy said...

if you mean ribbon end to end on your card?? well i used double sided tape and hide it round the inside of my card -then it`s hidden when i put the insert in!!
hope that helps!!
if you mean a little bit on the front then cutting dove tails (like a "v" shape) can help!!
other wise i cannot help ,sorry
vanessa xx